Learn 3 easy-to-follow steps on how to start your own website from scratch for free!

Learning how to start a website is not really hard. Since recently, there are plenty of software that allow for creating top-notch responsive websites with no effort at all. These tools are called website builders. Mobirise is one of those known as the best website builder which works offline. Here are 3 easy steps on how to use Mobirise to get your website link in bio up and running quickly and easily!


The initial step on your way to a super-looking website of your dreams is downloading and installing Mobirise Website Builder. It's free!

Install Mobirise

Visit the official homepage at or use the buttons below to download Mobirise. You won't be asked for billing info since the app is completely free to use! Once downloaded, you can quickly install it and it really takes a few seconds. After the installation, launch the website and you're ready to go!

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Pick a template

You will be surprized by how many website templates Mobirise offers. There is pretty much everything you need. Each template covers a specific topic that relates to a business: online schooling, legal agencies, travel firms, cleaning services, start-ups, app development, yoga courses and much more! As soon as you got started, you just have to open the app, click on "Sites" and choose one of the templates offered.

Make your site

Now it's time to make your site. Below you will see some methods that help you make the process smooth and fun!

Drag and drop

Since Mobirise is a visual website builder, it allows you to drag and drop website blocks onto your canvas. To do that, just click on the red button in the lower right corner and you will see the blocks panel. Click and hold the block you've chosen and drag it right where you want it to be on your page. If you want to change the order of the blocks, you can also drag them up and down the page using the "Drag block" button.

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Design blocks

There are several ways of how to design your blocks. First one is using the block parameters. You can find them by clicking on the blue gear button in the top right corner of each block. This way you can manage the quantity of elements of the block, change colors, show and hide elements and more. The other way is using an inline editor that makes it possible to edit texts following the WYSIWYG rule (What You See Is What You Get).

Edit site styles

If you hit on the blue brush-like button in the low right corner you will get to see the Site Styles panel. Here you'll be able to change fonts for your whole website, manage default colors. You can also toggle on such effects as content animation, scroll-to-top button and rounded buttons.

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Manage pages

Add as many pages as you want in the Page section of Mobirise menu. You can also duplicate pages if you'd like to make just some slight changes about your website. It's also possible to edit title and description of your pages in an easy way. Preview how your web page is going to look in the search results of Desktop and Mobile devices.

Launch your site

The last and most significant part is getting your website online. You're lucky to have the possibility to choose from 4 publishing methods Mobirise provides:

Mobirise Hosting

Type your website's subdomain and hit Publish and your website will be available under * within seconds.


Use your FTP credentials and publish your site directly and securely on your server. It's really easy as that!

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Local publishing

Save your website on your local drive in order to upload it to any hosting server you wish.

Github Pages

Get the website published online using Github Pages. The publishing process is simple and straightforward.

Awesome themes

website builder kit

Video Guide

This is a simple video guide on how to start a website without coding.

Website Builder Kit

Website Builder Kit offers over 120 ready-to-use attractive themes with more than 4500 blocks available!
Get the Kit now at a hugely discounted price!


User: I’ve download the free developer software, and want to create a simple website for a restaurant. I’m unclear what costs (if any) are involved:
- I understand there is a cost for templates... which are then useable forever
- I want to use sliders...possibly video clips, etc. Is this supported in the free developer?
- I want to save my design to my hard drive, and then will upload to my current host/provider
Can you provide pricing details for this?

Mobirise team: Hi,
Yes, there are slider blocks in free themes.
Make backup copies of your projects in a separate PC folder before every update so you could restore them later
How to do local publishing

User: I’m having trouble getting what I want however. I want to be able to:
- add images where I want on a page...resize them, etc.
- add a logo graphic OVER a photo (transparent gif)
- just add a text block where I want it... not where the theme places it.
Is this not possible? I’m now using the Restaurant M4 theme...
Do I need to start with a completely blank site, and just add the elements I want from scratch? There seems to be little flexibility with the established themes.

Mobirise team: Unfortunately, the required features are not provided by Mobirise settings.
You can try to implement it through Code Editor extension or with a manual code editing of the locally published site files but we can't guarantee that it will work.
Sorry, but we don't provide support about custom coding.
Check our forum - our users often share useful and interesting solutions for different tasks.

User: Hi,
I've had a play with the Mobirise software and it's pretty cool. To a limited extent I used parts of what I learnt from it, to produce a dynamic website between mobile and desktop devices for our website. Not perfect but it functions.
I want to use your software as I recognize you've put a lot of thought into the underlying concepts of modern and device neutral presentation. The point I get lost with is the "all to numerous complete templates" makes the points of underlying difference between those templates very unclear to the point of confusing.
Great eye candy but I could spend years trying to figure the most suitable template as a starting point. Certainly I can buy the lot, and plow through, but only one of them, or bits of a number, might have relevance to our context and it will take quite a time finding the best template to fulfill our needs.
It isn't about me telling you our "context" more that the templates are categorized into functionality groups. Or rather block/pages are grouped into functionality groups that as a whole become a website. Maybe they are but there is too much bling and the message to cut through to that underlying functionality becomes lost.
So I struggle to understand the points of difference.
It there a way of navigating through this with the Mobirise software or website?

Mobirise team: Thank you for your interest in our products and for the feedback.
Check demo pages of Mobirise templates to find a suitable template for work

User: Hello,
A few months back I installed mobirise and purchased the code editor.
Was just finishing up my website and I guess I clicked on one of your
emails about new templates to check it out. I guess I logged in or
something because I received emails welcoming me to Mobirise as if I was
a new customer. Next time I loaded Mobirise, my site was there but it
had the "full screen into" opening page, with "try it now" on the nav
bar. My site pages were gone.
I used settings to roll back a few versions and got all the pages back
(missing my final edits/changes, of course). But many of the font
styles, sizes and colors have changed (particularly on the nav bar and
footer). Seems that somehow the CSS file has been messed with.
I have the site uploaded on my server at a hosting server with all the
correct styling. I'm thinking I should download the css files from the
live site to my computer to overwrite the local css files. My
questions: Will that work? Which css files should I
download/overwrite? I guess I should do the same for the html files so
my latest changes will be intact -- will that work?
I greatly appreciate your help on this. I really need to get this
working again.

Mobirise team: If you have your site published on hosting, then you should be able to download it and import to the Mobirise.
Use import feature
Also, try to open some earlier version of your website through "History" feature in the site settings.

User: Hi there,
Just installed the slider, really cool; however i was wondering:
is there a way via the software to change the position of the slider? by default the slider is in the centre of the page, i was thinking how to move the entire carousel container to the left or right of my screen.

Mobirise team: Hi,
Sorry, but such feature isn't provided.
Notice, please - there won't be any updates of this product in the nearest future because our developers are working on the other project in a current moment.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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